Repainting kitchen cabinets is a cost effective and straightforward way to update any kitchen – to modernize, add color, and/or to cover wear and tear. However, as with any home improvement project,
it is imperative that close attention is paid to proper preparation and use of an appropriate cabinet grade paint (see more about different finishes here)

Step 1: an entire date will be spent masking off your kitchen, including floors, and countertops, to
ensure paint only goes where it is intended to go. We will remove all hardware, labeling
door/jambs/hardware as we go. The doors and drawers are taken off and brought to our shop. We will
drill small holes in inconspicuous areas for hanging (the top will have 2 holes and the bottom will have 2
holes). You will be able to access your kitchen via a magnetic or zipper doorway, and we will leave the
fridge masked off in a way in which you can access, however it is advised to set up a temporary
kitchen with microwave, coffee, and any food items that will be needed for approx. 5-7 business
Step 2: We will clean all surfaces with simple green, and then clean them again. Maybe, we will even
clean them a third time, in order to remove all hand oils, cooking fumes, and food prep splashes.
Step 3: “Floating”, or caulking every seam (if applicable) will happen next. Then, we Bondo/spackle
imperfections (sometimes we will use wood filler). We will sand with the grain make sure no detail is
missed – sanding hard to reach areas like inside corners edges, and molding creases (this is where
we see paint failures happen when we are called to fix someone else’s work).. This process takes a
full day or more depending on the number of cabinets.
Step 3: Prime. I know, you’ve sanded, so why is priming necessary? Because you want your project to be
successful, you want to be overly concerned with proper adhesion. We only use the best quality oil
based primer and use a High Volume Low Pressure sprayer to apply. We will sand, Vacuum, and tack
cloth the cabinets prior to each coating to ensure a beautiful finish. After we do this, we apply a
second coat of primer to the doors and frames.
Step 4: Topcoat. The frames in your home get priority as to not uproot your life for too long. We will
constantly use air scrubbers and fans to circulate the air in your home in order to minimize the
smell. 2 topcoats of enamel are applied, using only the best quality product on the market. The
process can take another 3-5 days depending on dry time. Your kitchen will be useable in 5-7
business days, but the doors will stay off an additional week. We will use the same process for the
doors in our shop, taking special care of transport and dry times. We do not recommend cooking
with oil for 30 days to allow the paint to cure.

Step 5: Reassembly and clean – we will take out the hooks (holes not filled unless requested, you will not be able to see them). We will then put all hardware back and rehang the cabinet doors and drawers. Brushes Over Broome will clean the job site back to as clean as it was when we arrived. This includes using dustless sanding, picking up all trash, vacuuming, cleaning counters, etc.

Will the finish last?

If all steps above are followed, absolutely! Be mindful of high wear areas – cabinets below the sink that may be get frequently, around older stoves that might leak here, around dishwasher vents that might subject a finish to steam discharge. High traffic, high use areas might require touch ups in several years, but other than that, rest assured your investment will last!