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10 Simple Steps To Color Match Your Home’s Interior

Selecting a cohesive yet unique interior color palette significantly impacts living spaces' aesthetic appeal and functionality. From influencing moods to shaping the perception of room sizes, color matching requires careful consideration of personal preferences, existing elements, lighting, and visual harmony. Homeowners can create personalized, inviting interiors that reflect their style [...]

February 18, 2024|

How to Choose The Best Cabinet Paint Finish for Your Home

Renovating your kitchen cabinets presents countless exciting design decisions, none more impactful than choosing the perfect cabinet paint finish. The selected sheen and texture will define the overall aesthetic, changing the look and feel of the space. Matte Finish: Soft, Subtle Sophistication The smooth, non-reflective matte finish has rapidly gained [...]

January 18, 2024|

Expect more from your contractors

Contractors get a bad name, and from personal experience, rightly so. Think about your last few interactions with tradespeople in Binghamton NY. Why don’t most have a website? How come when you google their name, all that comes up is a white page listing?  Phone numbers are hard to come by. [...]

January 18, 2024|

Can You Paint Kitchen Cabinets? How Long Will The Finish Last?

Repainting kitchen cabinets is a cost effective and straightforward way to update any kitchen – to modernize, add color, and/or to cover wear and tear. However, as with any home improvement project, it is imperative that close attention is paid to proper preparation and use of an appropriate cabinet grade [...]

January 18, 2024|