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About Brushes Over Broome LLC

Our Roots Began In Your Neighborhood


Founded in 2006 by Debrah Godbay, Brushes Over Broome began as an off-spin of her local cleaning business Brooms Over Broome due to the demand of painting by her cleaning clients. Debbie would often times clean in the morning and paint in the afternoon. She built up a reputation people could trust, and an unforgettable name. In 2013, Debbie’s Son, Kalitto joined the business as a painter, and in 2016 her youngest son Kamilio and daughter in law Nicole also joined.

Wooden dining and lounge area with makeshift fireplace in the middle.
Kalitto and Nicole smiling.


Kalitto Oliveras, Owner of Brushes Over Broome LLC, has been professionally painting since 2013. A passion for craftsmanship, devotion to his employees, and love for the trade has brought Brushes Over Broome from his mom’s garage to the area’s premier painting service. In order to make Brushes Over

Broome stand out from other painting companies, Kalitto started (and still to this day) learns from the top people in the industry, world class painters, and likeminded entrepreneurs. He decided that Brushes Over Broome would be the best niche painting contractor in Binghamton, and today, we truly believe we do it better and more efficient than anyone in the area. Kalitto ensures that the systems and processes put into place each day are above industry standard.

“I grew up in a trades environment that today does not look like what it used to. An amazing paint job is not enough anymore. People want to work with a professional company with constant communication and a white glove level of service with same day quotes, high priority, and follow through”.

In April of 2023, Kalitto and Brushes Over Broome officially became Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painters. This esteemed certification is the result of our company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. The Certified Painters designation, reserved for those who demonstrate unparalleled craftsmanship and professionalism, sets Brushes Over Broome LLC apart.

Nicole Oliveras has been in the industry since 2016. “We operate under a system we call the Decent Human Being Theory: we find really good people who don’t necessarily have any experience, put them through our evolving