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Brushes Over Broome is known to be the area’s premier painting contractor, focusing primarily on residential properties. We are called on for a lot of jobs where we are asked to fill holes and paint over newly installed baseboard trim, window trim, and door trim. It only made sense that we start offering this service for our clients, not only out of convenience – why deal with two contractors when you can deal with one? – but also to provide the same A+ client experience with a new service. 

Finish work is often about details, and carpenters draw on years of experience to execute them precisely. We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented. Whether we are working with crown molding, baseboards, or door trim, the results will be among the first things anyone entering a room will notice. Flaws like mismatched grain or joints that don’t line up exactly the way they’re intended to are often the result of faulty craftsmanship by contractors who want to work as cheaply and quickly as possible. That is not our intention. We provide high-quality workmanship in anything we do – including finish carpentry – so that the final touches on any room or home are outstanding. 

Have a room in your home that still needs trim installed? Want to update the trim inside your living space? Call, text, or email us today to learn more about our new service, and book your free in-person consultation today.

Figure 1: Newly installed baseboard trim completed by our finish Carpenter Kam